Top 5 Penis Extenders That Worked Based on Clinical Studies

The Internet and television networks are full of websites and advertisements selling a variety of items, from pills to penis extenders that are claimed to increase the length and diameter of a man’s penis. But do these treatments really work?

Possibility of male Enhancement Using Penis Extenders

Our study suggests the possibility of penis length enhancement using penis extender.

Men’s concerns about the size of their penises have led to a global multi-million pound industry in the production of penis enlargement & and other penis extender products, none of which are usually medically proven to be effective.

In this technique, a small traction weight or frame is placed on the penis in an erect position to stretch the penis for penile lengthening. Also, there is no clinical evidence of the effect of using penile-stretching device on the length of the penis and it may even cause permanent damage to the penis. Of course, the reported results are better for penile stretcher traction devices.

There is evidence to suggest that traction devices  or the penile stretchers can be somewhat effective. In one study, the penis size of some patients who had used the devices for six months increased by 1 to 2 centimeters. Of course, such penile extender treatments should not be performed without the supervision of a physician.

Many men are concerned about the small size of the penis, while research has shown that most men have normal penis size and do not need to worry about it. Men who are concerned about the size of their penis should consult a health professional before using existing extender treatments, which are often ineffective, expensive, and sometimes harmful. Many men who are concerned about the size of their penis generally have an inappropriate mental image of their body and focus this negative view on their penis.

Often counseling can greatly change patients’ perceptions by building self-confidence, correcting misconceptions about the body, and helping to better understand the real factors behind people’s attractiveness.

Although men do not have many options to increase the size of their penis safely, there are a few things that can make them feel better about their body.

Communicate with your sexual partner. Although it may be difficult to break old habits or discuss sexual preferences with your partner, the results will be satisfying (you may even be surprised by the saltiness these actions bring to your sex life).

Shape your body and eliminate belly fat. Excess weight and the size of the abdomen make the penis look smaller than it really is. Regular extender exercise can completely change this situation. Having a better physical condition, in addition to improving your appearance, also increases your strength and endurance during sexual intercourse.

Shaving pubic hair. The abundance of pubic hair around the root of the penis makes it shorter. Shaving these hairs makes the penis bigger and sometimes makes the area around the root of the penis more sensitive.

Consult a doctor or counselor. Feelings of discomfort about penis size are common in men. In this case, you can get help from an authorized counselor, psychologist, psychologist or family doctor. Many men feel better after they are reassured that their condition is normal or that they have learned how to meet their sexual needs without having to enlarge their penis.

In the following, a number of methods introduced to enlarge the penis and the extent of their effectiveness are discussed.

Non-surgical methods

These products usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, or hormones that are said to enlarge the penis. Despite the many claims made about these penile extender products, there is no clinical evidence of their effectiveness, and some of these products are even harmful. The University of Maryland in the United States examined some of these products and found amounts of lead, insecticides, eczema bacteria and animal waste.

These pills and lotions are just a waste of your time because there is no evidence that they are useful. If they really worked, they would sell them in pharmacies. Using lotion only makes some men more familiar with their penis, which many men are ashamed of; These lotions definitely do not make the penis bigger.

Penile stretcher devices

a penile stretcher consists of a tube that is placed on the penis and then vacuumed by pumping air out into the tube. The vacuum created draws blood into the penis and makes it swollen. Suction devices are sometimes used in the short-term treatment of impotence. However, excessive use of these pumps can damage the tissue of the penis and thus reduce the power of the erection.

There is very little evidence of any noticeable effect of this device on penis size. Using a pump for a few minutes a day does not increase the size of the penis in any way.

Surgical techniques to increase the diameter of the penis include injecting fat removed from another part of the body into the penis. Some studies have reported an increase of 1.4 to 4 cm in the diameter of the penis. However, studies that have looked at treated men for longer periods of time have shown disappointing results that have been associated with complications such as deformity, scar formation, multiple bumps on the surface of the penis, and infection. In another method, which is still in the testing phase, the skin of the penis is pulled back to place a biodegradable tube-like frame full of tissue cells around the penis extender, and then the skin is returned to its original position.

The use of biodegradable frames is said to have better results than fat injection. The problem with fat injections is that over time, the body reabsorbs fat, which causes the penis to return to its original size.

Penile Extension Surgery to increase the length of the penis

In the most common technique of this type of penile extension surgery, to increase the length of the penis, the ligaments connecting the penis to the pubic bone are cut and some skin is grafted to the root of the penis, which makes it possible to increase its length. With penile extender  surgery, an average of 2 cm can be added to the penis in an erect position, while the size of the penis in an erect position will not change. In addition, the penis will not rise as high as before because the severed ligament can no longer hold the penis.

Many men who do this do not realize the problem. However, this problem makes sexual intercourse uncomfortable because couples are forced to make much more effort to have satisfying sexual intercourse. The disadvantage of losing an erection angle is much greater than the benefit of a 2 cm increase in length in an erect state.


For men with large abs, the use of liposuction (a surgery in which the fat under the abdomen is removed) makes the penis look bigger. Removing excess fat around the pubic area can make the penis, part of which is submerged in fat, more prominent.

Liposuction can increase the length of the penis by 2 cm in the short term, but if the patient becomes overweight again, the fat will return to the urethra. This boosts the patient’s self-confidence, but to maintain this result in the long run, the patient must have better nutrition and exercise.

At the same time, liposuction, like other Penis Extender surgeries, can cause some side effects.

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